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Десятый. Юбилейный. 30–31 марта 2019

CQRS: A More Effective Way of Writing the Same Applications

At first CQRS may look like the umpteenth acronym of this crazy industry and the latest cool toy of software pundits. In spite of the fancy name, though, CQRS is only a smart implementation approach that WORKS with nearly every software problem. CQRS is not a philosophy or a methodology: it's just about writing code. CQRS doesn't mandate you create sophisticated object models full of injection points, replaceable behaviors, factories and virtual methods. CQRS lets you use old-faithful stored procedures if you trust them. CQRS brings just one core idea: keep write and read stacks completely separated and based on different models and even different implementation patterns and technologies. So the best-selling point of CQRS pattern is that it looks like just common sense and a smarter way of doing the same things. In this talk, we'll look into a multi-layer ASP.NET application where reads and writes operations are totally separated so that each can be optimized for scalability without affecting the other.

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